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Built-in URI Schemes:

URI Scheme Description


Launches the web browser and navigates to the specified URL.

mailto:[email address]

Launches the email app and creates a new message with the specified email address on the To line. Note that the email is not sent until the user taps send.


Launches the Account Settings app.


Launches the Airplane Mode Settings app.


Launches the Bluetooth Settings app.


Launches the Cellular Settings app.


Launches the email and accounts settings app.


Launches the Location Settings app.


Launches the Lock Screen settings app.


Launches the Wi-Fi Settings app.

ms-drive-to Launches driving directions app.
ms-walk-to Launches walking directions.

zune:navigate?appid=[app ID]

Launches the Windows Phone Store and shows the details page for the specified app.


Launches the Store and shows the review page for the calling app.

zune:reviewapp?appid=[app ID]

Launches the Store and shows the review page for the specified app.

zune:search?keyword=[search keyword]&publisher=[publisher name]&contenttype=app

Launches the Store and searches for the specified content. All parameters are optional. Specifying “contenttype=app” will limit the search to apps. Omitting this parameter will search all content.

zune:search?keyword=[search keyword]&contenttype=app

Launches the Store and searches for apps by keyword.

zune:search?publisher=[publisher name]

Launches the Store and searches for items by publisher name.

Known Third-Party URI Schemes:

URI Scheme Application Description

Add Yours Here

Your App

Your URI Scheme Description

cloudsdale://clouds/[cloud id or short_name]


Opens cloudsdale and opens or joins the cloud with the specified ID or short_name (e.g. cloudsdale://clouds/hammock).

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